Hydroxycut Gets the Axe

The latest news is that the commonly used dietary supplement known for it;s fat loss results, Hydroxycut, is being recalled by the FDA due to reports of some major health issues that have occurred including death, and liver malfunction.

Is there a way to lose the unwanted fat that many of us are unhappy with safely and within a short amount of time?

YES! That is, if you are willing to enjoy improved energy, mental alertness, physical strength and ability, slimmer physique, and reshape and redefine your body. There are 2 key components that many have heard and even more choose to put little thought into.

1. Exercise – Many people shrug, even SHUDDER at the mention of exercise. Some die-hards even commit to over 6 hours a week to exercise in hopes of losing weight and inches with long cardio and light weights. For results that will last and come relatively fast, I have chosen to apply using challenging and progressive resistance training and interval training. Programs like Fit Yummy Mummy and Turbulence training boast of a routine that take a minimum of 90 minutes a WEEK to do and produces amazing results when executed. I do three 30 minute workouts a week. It’s quick, take little time, I know produces amazing results. For some the 30 minutes is too long to commit to (and I have been in a crunch for time as well) and broken it down into six 15 minute workouts during the week.

2. Nutrition – From doing a fair amount of research and following the information of nutritionist that work with fat loss, I have learned a few key points. Eating a diet that is balanced and full of whole, “live” foods that don’t have a long list of ingredients (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean proteins, etc) within a supportive calorie range promotes your body to get rid of stored fat. There are techniques in which to consider with the combination of meals (produce and protein at each meal) and the frequency of the meals consumed (every 3 – 4 hours), but getting rid of processed and unhealthy foods in your diet is a great place to start. Currently I follow the information provided my Isabel De Los Rios of The Diet Solution, and Jayson Hunter, as they promote a healthy, natural and balanced way to eat for fat loss.

How long have some of the reported cases been taking Hydroxycut?

I am not sure, but from having read a bottle, I would assume at least for one month.

Can you stop taking Hydroxycut after you have reached your desired goal or do you have to keep taking it once you have started?

I would assume that in stopping the consumption of a fat loss supplement that is not accompanied by proper nutrition and exercise would result in returning to back to a level of increased fat and weight gain.

What the comparison between taking a fat loss dietary supplement and exercise combine with proper nutrition?

There is a big difference and it’s about the shape you want to be in, inside and out. Proper nutrition and following a progressive exercise plan not only aids in fat loss, but reshapes your body into what many are looking to have. Toned arms, lean legs, strong shoulders and abs, great posture, glowing skin, confidence….there are many benefits to be had. There are also the results you don’t see….healthy heart, physical ability and strength, improved energy, sharper mind, good cholesterol levels, strong bones. All these things can also improve on your longevity and youthfulness. OR taking a supplement that has a list of side effects and uncertainty in the results (every see that fine print? Results may vary) Also the time invested is not much difference when you look at all that you can gain. I participated in a 12-week transformation challenge with Fit Yummy Mummy and saw results after 4 weeks and great results after 12. 3 months is not a long time and it’s something that is simple to maintain.

So it is possible to gain lasting fat loss results in a short amount of time without all the negative side effects associated with drug or dietary supplement use. With so many healthy benefits to gain and unwanted fat to lose, why not go the way that we were built for?

And to see more on achieving results through fitness and life check out http://livinglifefull.blogspot.com/ from Elisa Sterling-Cowan, the living life fully advocate.

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